VARIOCON Flow Fitting

The VARIOCON flow-through fitting is the preferred choice for use at free outlets of basins, tanks or canals.

The stable VARIOCON flow-through fitting is suitable for unpressurised lines, easy to install and equally easy to handle. The electrode is simply screwed into the fitting. A baffle plate is also integrated to protect the electrode from excessive flow and particles (e.g. sand). The fitting is made of PVC and is suitable for a temperature range of +5 to +50 °C.

Key features at a glance:


  • Simple and cost-effective installation
  • Simple operation
  • Compact and robust design
  • Inlet line - inlet at the bottom Outlet at the top
  • Accommodates one pH or redox electrode
  • No drying out of the electrode

Extensions and accessories



Reliable measuring amplifier for ph, redox and chlorine
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VARIOCON Combination Fitting

Combination Fitting

Simultaneous measurement of ph, redox and chlorine
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VARIOCON Industry Fitting

Industry Fitting

Robust fitting for measurements in pressure circuits
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VARIOCON Immersion Fitting

Immersion Fitting

Fitting for measuring in outlet basins or in canals
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Accessories VARIOCON

Accessories VARIOCON

Here you'll find the complete list of accessories for the VARIOCON
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