Gas Detection Systems for maximum safety

When it comes to reliable gas detection, you can trust GfG devices. We have more than 60 years of experience in this technology and offer a wide range of portable gas detectors and fixed gas detection systems. Furthermore, we can provide you with solutions for monitoring water circuits and a wide range of accessories. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Portable Gas Detectors

Portable single-gas and multi-gas monitors, which measure up to 7 different gases simultaneously, warn the employee of possible hazards posed by gases. The long-life sensors and high battery life are economic factors that distinguish all devices.

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Fixed Gas Detection Systems - Controllers

GfG controllers are innovative and flexible control and evaluation units for numerous tasks. For measuring different gases and vapours in various applications, they offer the advantage of unlimited configuration options.

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Fixed Gas Detection Systems - Transmitters

Toxic gases and vapours pose a danger in many industries. The various transmitters with their different sensor technologies offer the possibility to reliably detect almost any gas and thus ensure a high level of safety.

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Water measurement technology

GfG offers specially developed measuring systems for the reliable monitoring of liquids. The reliable monitoring of water and brine, selective ammonia measurement in the refrigeration circuit or ammonium measurements in sewage treatment plants place special demands on the measuring technology.

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We offer a comprehensive range of accessories for our gas detection systems and gas measuring instruments. Starting from test stations, relay modules, software and adapters up to transport cases. Here you will find the appropriate accessories for our devices.

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Test gases

Gas measuring instruments must be tested and calibrated at regular intervals. For this purpose, we offer you an extensive range of test gases. Both pure gases and multi-gas mixtures can be supplied to suit every area of application.

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