VARIOCON Combination Fitting

The VARIOCON combination fitting for pH, redox and chlorine measurements with potentiostatic measuring technology comes with great advantages - even for the smallest space.

The VARIOCON combination fitting is not only characterized by its user-friendly and straightforward operation, but also by its durability. No matter which industry you work in - be it water treatment, drinking water supply, or swimming pools - you must be able to rely on the measurements of your water monitoring device. The VARIOCON combination fitting will simplify your daily routine with advantages like the one-time zero point adjustment of the preamplifier or the uncomplicated adjustment of the slope.

The measuring electrodes can easily be screwed onto the fitting and are able to measure chlorine, pH and redox values, while the flow regulator guarantees constant a flow rate. The fitting can be connected immeadiately after delivery: It is ready to be connected and mounted on a mounting plate including preamplifier/controller for potentiostatic chlorine measurement. The preamplifier controls the bias voltage across the electrode and provides the signal to the measuring amplifier for evaluation. The intelligent VARIOCON measuring amplifier for pH, ORP and chlorine completes the measurement and guarantees customised control.

Key features at a glance:


  • Flow control for a constant flow rate
  • Reliable measurements of chlorine, pH and redox values via easily attachable electrodes
  • Supplied ready for connection on a mounting plate
  • Preamplifier/controller for potentiostatic chlorine measurement
  • Simple installation and operation
  • Good price-performance ratio

Extensions and accessories


Reliable measuring amplifier for ph, redox and chlorine
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Industry Fitting

Robust fitting for measurements in pressure circuits
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Flow Fitting

Fitting for measuring in unpressurised pipe lines
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Immersion Fitting

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Accessories VARIOCON

Here you'll find the complete list of accessories for the VARIOCON
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