MiniCal III Immersion Fitting

The MiniCal III immersion fitting is used when it is necessary to take measurements in open basins, tanks, reactors or canals.

The MiniCal III immersion fitting is custom-made and available in lengths up to 250 cm. It is easy to install and just as easy to use. The electrodes are simply screwed into the fitting. Freely programmable settings such as probe calibration, selection of measuring media (water, water/glycol mixtures), test functions via mA output etc. are built into the housing connection head of the immersion fitting. The fitting is made of PVC material and is suitable for a temperature range of +5 to +50 °C.

Key features at a glance:


  • Simple installation and operation
  • Compact and robust design
  • Measurement in open basins and in water bodies
  • Optionally with flange mounting or pipe clamp
  • Accommodates 2 electrodes - NH4 and reference electrode
  • Signal preamplifier/microprocessor mounted on fitting in housing
  • Output signal 4 to 20 mA

Extensions and accessories

MiniCal III System

MiniCal III

Ion-selective ammonia measurement of cooling circuits
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MiniCal III Bypass Fitting

MiniCal III
Bypass Fitting

Fitting for monitoring pressure circuits
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MiniCal III Flow Fitting

MiniCal III
Flow Fitting

Fitting for use on unpressurised pipelines
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MiniCal III CS

MiniCal III

Especially for monitoring synthetic refrigerants
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Accessories MiniCal III

Accessories MiniCal III

Here you'll find the complete list of accessories for the MiniCal III
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