MiniCal III Bypass Fitting

The bypass fitting was designed for monitoring an ammonia leak in pressure lines. It is an innovative system that enables commissioning, service and maintenance work without interrupting the process.

A partial flow of the medium is guided through the MiniCal III bypass fitting and pumped back into the pipeline. This means that the installation location can be selected flexibly. Depending on the local conditions, the fitting is mounted either below the pipeline or on the wall.

A requirement for the early detection of an ammonia leakage is the regular exchange of the medium in the measuring chamber. A partial flow of the medium is passed through the fitting as soon as the upstream solenoid valve opens. By setting the interval and the opening time of the solenoid valve, a regular exchange is achieved. After the measurement, the medium is pumped back into the circuit by a high-pressure pump to avoid coolant losses.

The monitoring of the pump and the solenoid valve allow a control of the flow. The bypass fitting is designed for a pressure range of 1 to 6/10 bar and a temperature range of -10°C to +50°C.

Key features at a glance:


  • Flow control
  • Regular media exchange
  • No loss of coolant
  • Simple installation and operation
  • Measurement in pipelines from 1 to 6/10 bar
  • Signal preamplifier/microprocessor mounted on fitting in housing
  • Service and maintenance without process interruption
  • Output signal 4 to 20 mA

Extensions and accessories

MiniCal III System

MiniCal III

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MiniCal III
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Accessories MiniCal III

Accessories MiniCal III

Here you'll find the complete list of accessories for the MiniCal III
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