Corporate Business Principles

Everything you need to know about GfG's corporate business principles and our company's code of ethics.

We consider the constantly changing nature of technologies, application and markets as well as the increasing requirements placed on our products and services a challenge. One that we are continually meeting. The continuous development and improvement of our products and services is an essential part of our business, since we want to actively help shape the future.

We are one of the world's leading businesses in the area of gas detection technology. Our innovative products and state-of-the-art technology, our original designs which have won multiple awards, our intelligent systems as well as our perfected services truly set us apart from other businesses.

Our range of services covers everything from sensors for measuring combustible or toxic gases, oxygen or other parameters in both air and water to the world's smallest and most lightweight gas detectors, microprocessor-controlled multi-gas detection devices and computerized system solutions.

The detectors are mainly used by municipalities, the chemical industry, fire departments and civil defense, the steel industry, energy suppliers and research institutes and universities as well as in mining, the food industry, shipping, agriculture.

GfG's website,, will give you a comprehensive overview. It will give you thorough information on the company and our products as well as the industries they are mainly used in today.

This is the basis for durable products and the cornerstone of responsible quality and environmental policies. Our mission is, has been, and will always be to create smart Gas Detection Technologies.

As a business that is active around the globe, it is our aim to cultivate mutually beneficial dialogues built on trust with all of our partners. We treat our employees, customers and contractors as well as government agencies and the public sincerely and with respect. Environmental protection is actively incorporated into every step of our production and a high level of occupational safety and a certified quality standard are the foundation of our actions.

These corporate business principles act as a guide for our employees and as an information for our customers. They are a guideline for our internal and external behavior and fosters an environment of respect and mutual appreciation.

Competent, responsible, dedicated and polite employees are the foundation of every successful company. That's why we provide an environment of opportunities and independence to help employees utilize their skills and talents.


Each employee, regardless of their position, supports the company's goals with the aim to give their best. We appreciate curiosity, personal responsibility and independence in our employees and want to offer the freedom to nurture it by supporting further training and education.


We value well trained employees and a personal and productive working relationship. As our company is active around the world, we can offer our apprentices excellent vocational training and individual development opportunities. They take on responsibility in the early stages of their apprenticeship and can directly influence the design and quality of our products and services.

Our code of ethics
Honesty and integrity are our guiding principles. To uphold them, we follow this code of ethics:

  • All legal regulations regarding employee rights and non-discrimination laws are complied with
  • Offering bribes, non-contractual gratuities or incentive payments to people employed by clients, public officials or related parties is prohibited.
  • Offering gifts, hospitality or invitations to people employed by clients or public officials is prohibited, unless it is done in the amount of a nominal value with the intention of establishing or maintaining a business relationship and is therefore part of regular customer service
  • Accepting cash or any other kind of gift from clients is prohibited for employees, unless it is done in the amount of a nominal value with the intention of establishing or maintaining a business relationship and is therefore part of regular customer service
  • Conflicts of interest between personal financial activities of employees and their effects of GfG's business activities must be avoided.
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