Gas know-how

Behind every reliable gas detection device - from the handy 1-gas detection device to the Ex-protected transmitter to the complex gas sampling station - there is dependable and innovative technology. We use durable and smart sensors to monitor a wide range of gases for maximum safety and minimum follow-up costs. In addition, we are active in researching and developing new pioneering and patented technologies. We offer the best portable and fixed gas detection devices as well as customized solutions to help protect people, the environment and equipment.


Up to now, a distinction has been made in gas detection solutions between fixed and portable systems, as if they fulfil different tasks. However, both serve to protect people, facilities and the environment. Integrated in a sensible way, they also fulfil this task better than each system on its own. Our solution is to integrate fixed and portable gas detection with our patented ACDC technology.

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Sensor technology

Learn more about the different sensor technologies and measuring principles on the basis of which our gas detection devices monitor gases and vapours. Our portable detectors and fixed gas detection systems use electrochemical, infrared and heat tone sensors, among others. The choice of the right measuring principle is crucial for the detection of toxic and flammable gases, oxygen and volatile vapours.

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Application notes / technical notes

Here you will find numerous application notes, brochures and professional articles on the subject of portable gas detectors and fixed gas detection systems. We have also compiled some technical documentation on our gas detectors. If something is missing or you would like to receive further information, please contact us.

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Gas detection technology presentations

In this section you will find some interesting presentations and case studies about gas detection systems. This section is updated continuously. Do you have any questions? Then please feel free to write to us.

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Here you will find important explanations of some of the terms used in gas measurement technology. In addition, we have summarised the answers to frequently asked questions about gases, gas measurement and our devices for you. If you have any further questions, please send us an e-mail or give us a call.

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Gas sampling systems and control cabinets

Do you need an individual gas detection system or a gas sampling system encased in a housing? Consult our speciaists for your project and let us design and produce a custom-tailored solution for your individual requirements. There are next to no limitations regarding the type of gas, number of measuring points, environmental conditions or Ex zones. 

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Ask Bob

In the Ask Bob section, our president Bob Henderson answers questions about gas detection, writes technical articles on specific topics, and provides useful tips and guidance on our fixed gas detection systems and portable gas detectors. Do you also have a question about gas detection? Just ask Bob!

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