Refrigeration is used in the food industry, medicine and mechanical engineering. Food and beverages as well as pharmaceutical and medical products can be stored safely in cold rooms for longer periods. Fitting parts are cooled before further processing. The size and the type of the refrigeration system and the refrigerants used also determine the equipment to be used for gas detection. GfG offers gas detection devices for monitoring gases and refrigeration circuits.

Gas monitoring at minus temperatures

Many branches of industry, laboratories and cryogenics are inconceivable without refrigeration. To ensure that the required minus degrees constantly prevail, various refrigerants such as ammonia, carbon dioxide and propane are used. Refrigerants expand rapidly when they sublime or evaporate, posing serious gas dangers. For monitoring smaller cold rooms, we have developed the GMA22 controller and IR22 F transmitter. The IR22 F is used at ambient temperatures of as low as -40 degrees Celsius and reliably detects CO2. Operators of larger refrigeration systems are well advised to use the GMA200 and corresponding visual and acoustic alarm devices. For other refrigerants such as ammonia, GfG also offers special transmitters such as the CS22, which can be installed in cold and very humid environments. Cooling circuits can be monitored in many ways with GfG's specialised water measurement technology.

Potential dangers:

» flammable and toxic gases
» confined spaces
» refrigerants
» carbon dioxide
» oxygen deficiency

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