Gas know-how

Behind every reliable gas detection device - from the handy single-gas detector to the Ex-protected transmitter or even the complex gas sampling station - there is dependable and innovative technology. We use durable Smart Sensors to monitor a wide range of gases and ensure maximum safety and minimum follow-up costs. We are also active in researching and developing new pioneering and patented technologies. Don't hesitate to contact us if you need high-quality portable and fixed gas detection devices or a customized solution. We offer systems to help protect people, the environment and your equipment.


We used to think about fixed and portable gas detection systems as two entirely separate things, used for different tasks. However, both aim to protect people, facilities and the environment. Integrating both systems into one another allows them to accomplish this much more efficiently. That's why we came up with our patented integration solution: ACDC technology. 

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Sensor technology

Different sensor technologies and measuring principles are the foundation of gas detection systems - without them, we would not be able to measure any gases or vapors. Among others, our instruments use electrochemical, infrared and catalytic combustion sensors to accurately measure gas concentrations. Choosing the right measuring principle is crucial for the detection of toxic and combustible gases, oxygen and volatile vapors.

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ATEX regulations

Gas monitoring and explosion protection are closely linked. Areas with explosion hazards present special challenges for gas detection devices. Only ATEX-certified devices may be used in the corresponding Ex zones. Many of our portable detectors and fixed transmitters are tested and approved to safely detect gases without posing a risk themselves.

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Gas sampling systems and control cabinets

Do you need an individual gas detection system or a gas sampling system protected by a housing? Consult our specialists and let us design and produce a custom-tailored solution for your individual project. There are next to no limitations regarding the type of gas, number of measuring points, environmental conditions or Ex zones.

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The FAQ section contains a glossary of some of the most important terms used in gas measurement technology, as well as frequently asked questions about gases, gas measurement and our devices. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

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