Remote calibration adapter

To facilitate the regular function check of transmitters

Gas detection devices must be calibrated regularly and adjusted if necessary. This applies particularly to any transmitter with sensors that operate on the catalytic combustion measurement principle. Unfortunately, depending on which combustible gases and vapors they are monitoring, these transmitters are often located in places that are difficult to access. As an example, transmitters that monitor gases that are lighter than air, such as methane, must be installed near the ceiling. To facilitate regular service work even in these cases, we have developed the remote calibration adapter.

The remote calibration adapter is suitable for the CC33, CC28 series transmitters and the CC22 ex.  The sensor housings of these transmitters are equipped with a special chimney effect. Air outlets ensure that the air heated by the measuring principle can escape more easily. The gas to be measured is fed to the sensor more quickly. Response times are shortened and a warning of combustible gases can be issued more quickly.

Easy service
If one of the above transmitters has been installed in a location that is difficult to reach, the remote calibration adapter greatly simplifies the test gas supply. The remote calibration adapter is plugged onto the transmitter. A hose is attached to the gas supply port to allow safe test gas delivery from the ground or over an obstruction. When used in conjunction with the remote calibration function of the GMA22-M controller (CC22 ex and CC33) or the RC2 remote control (CC28), calibration and, if necessary, adjustment can be performed by a single technician.

The chimney effect is maintained
Thanks to the large openings at the bottom of the remote calibration adapter, the chimney effect does not influence the monitoring of the gas you need to measure. It can pass by the hose to reach the CC sensor unhindered. The CC22 ex, CC28 and CC33 transmitters can thus retain their short response time and will quickly warn you in case of explosion hazards.


Key features at a glance:

  • Suitable for CC22 ex, CC28, CC28 D, CC28 DA, CC33 transmitters
  • Bump test and adjustment for transmitters that are difficult to reach (such as those mounted near the ceiling)
  • GMA22-M (CC22 ex and CC33) or RC2 (CC28) and test gas hose are required
  • Chimney effect of the CC transmitters is not affected
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