Automobile industry

Individual mobility is one of the greatest achievements of the last century and presents manufacturers with ever new challenges. Modern motor vehicles must meet the wishes of customers, but must not neglect environmental protection. Innovations in this branch of industry also mean constantly new requirements for gas detection systems. GfG offers suitable devices for the various areas of the automotive industry.

Gas monitoring in automotive production

The automobile industry includes a number of different manufacturing areas where gases are used or generated and therefore need to be monitored. From car body construction to test benches, the filling of tires and illuminants as well as painting and refuelling, employees come into contact with a variety of toxic and explosive gases or are exposed to the risk of oxygen deficiency. A reliable gas detection system individually tailored to the section to be monitored is therefore essential in these production processes. Ongoing new developments such as e-mobility and hydrogen fuel cells require flexible and expandable gas detection systems that save time and costs for new installations. GfG can contribute to safety in modern production chains for cars, trucks and other vehicles with custom-fit solutions.

Potential dangers:

» combustible and toxic gases
» confined spaces
» emissions (CO, CO2, NO, NO2)
» fuels (petrol, diesel, LPG and hydrogen)
» paints and varnishes
» illuminants
» test gas
» tire gas
» oxygen deficiency

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