DIC 888/999

Charging station for portable gas detection devices and the TeamLink

The DIC888/999-B is a charging station for Polytector III G999 and Microtector III G888 personal gas detectors and the TeamLink portable safety monitor. The charging station can be powered either by a power supply unit or a car charging adapter. This means that the devices can also be charged on site without the need for a mains socket.

Charging station for fixed or portable use
Portable gas detection devices and safety monitors must always be ready to operate when they are needed. A full battery will give you the maximum operating time and ensures that your device is able to warn you of dangerous gases or oxygen deficiency during the entire operation. We developed the DIC888/999-B charging station to make charging the G999 and G888 gas detection devices and TeamLink as quick and easy  as possible. Power is supplied from an optional power supply unit or a car charging adapter.


Key features at a glance:

  • Suitable for the G888 and G999 portable gas detection devices and the Connected Safety Monitor TeamLink
  • Can be charged stationary or on the go
  • Optional: power supply unit or car charging adapter
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