G888/G999 Visual

Software for securing individual workstations and large teams

The primary purpose of any personal gas detector is to warn its wearer of critical gas concentrations in their vicinity. But if people are working alone or out of sight and hearing range of their team, dangerous situations can still arise quickly. With a radio-based safety net, gas detection devices can be secured from a distance. Our TeamLink continuously monitors readings from up to ten portable gas detectors as well as their alarm and connection status. For larger teams - and additional convenience functions - we have developed the G888/G999 Visual software.

The G888/G999 Visual software can be used instead of or in combination with a TeamLink. It will display the status and measured values of each individual gas detection device in a clearly structured overview on a PC screen, laptop or tablet. In the event of an alarm, the colored background of the affected team member changes from green to red. Any signal interruptions are indicated in yellow. Short messages can be sent to affected gas detection devices from the computer. These can be answered easily via the pager function (e.g. "Are you okay?" > "Yes").

It can be installed on PCs, laptops and tablets running a Windows operating system. A USB dongle is required to establish a radio connection to the portable gas detection devices with radio module (optional). The radio communication is effective in a range of up to 700 m and is carried out on the 868 MHz band (Europe and Africa) or the 915 MHz band (North and South America). 


Key features at a glance:

  • Suitable for the portable gas detection devices G888 and G999
  • Safeguarding individual workstations and teams with more than ten members
  • Operating system: Windows
  • Send and receive short messages
  • Tablet or PC with USB wireless dongle (range up to 700 m)



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