Boiler rooms

Through the principle of cogeneration, a combined heat and power unit generates electrical energy and heat at the same time. This is usually done by burning fuels such as diesel or natural gas. In order to monitor dangerous concentrations of methane, propane and other flammable or toxic gases inside or outside Ex zones, a reliable and safe gas detection system is essential, even in smaller boiler rooms. GfG offers the appropriate controllers and transmitters.

Gas monitoring in heating systems

A gas leak can occur anywhere. Even in smaller heating plants and boiler rooms, the monitoring of combustible and explosive as well as toxic gases such as methane, propane and the carbon oxides CO and CO2 should therefore not be neglected. The wide range of fuels used and potentially explosive areas pose special challenges for gas detection systems. With the compact GMA22 controller and the various transmitters of the 22 series, such as the CC22 ex, GfG offers suitable devices for the detection of a wide range of gases at up to four measuring points. Operators of larger heating systems will also find optimal solutions for gas detection and risk prevention at GfG with its proven controllers, relays, sensors and accessories such as visual and acoustic alarm transmitters. This protects people and ensures a continuous supply of energy and heat.

Potential dangers:

» combustible and toxic gases
» confined spaces
» carbon dioxide
» fuels
» oxygen deficiency

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