GMA400 Controller

The future of gas detection

Setting new standards for gas detection systems

Highest performance controller for monitoring gases in demanding applications

As the complexity of applications increases, so do the demands on gas detection systems. Whether you need to monitor combustible or toxic gases or continuously measure the oxygen concentration, the GMA400 is the right choice for you. It represents a new generation of controllers for gas detection systems both in terms and performance and technical capabilities.

A single GMA400 can monitor up to 128 transmitters or measuring channels and an additional 32 virtual transmitters for calculated parameters or environmental influences. Thanks to the network interface, integration into higher-level safety systems is easy and requires no additional hardware. The GMA400 can also be accessed remotely via internet connection. It comes with eight integrated relays but can be connected to up to 200 external ones as well. In addition to the large color display for on-site reading of the measured values, you can add decentralized display modules or even larger displays for better visualization.

GMA400 Transmitter


transmitters can be monitored with just one controller

The GMA400 was designed specifically for applications which need gases monitored at many different locations at once.

» 128 digital transmitters
» 16 inputs for analog ACDC transmitters
» 128 ACDC transmitters per GMA-ACDC-T24 module
» 32 virtual transmitters

In gas detection systems with up to 128 connected transmitters and measuring channels, a single GMA400 is sufficient to evaluate all measured values and alarms.

A new level of communication

Numerous connection options for fast and secure access from anywhere in the world, at any time. No additional gateway solution required.

» Built-in ethernet with up to 100 Mbit/s
» Web access anytime and anywhere
» Apps for visualization and configuration
» Gateway solution possible, but not necessary

Intuitive apps allowing you to configure your gas detection system and visualize the measuring points and alarms are available for fixed systems as well as portable end devices.

The controller and apps are of course password-protected against unauthorized access.

GMA400 Relais

Easy integration of safety measures

Extensively expandable with relay and display modules

The more complex a gas detection system is, the more extensive are the alarm and safety measures that come along with it. The GMA400 can control all of them centrally, using its integrated relays. The number of relays can optionally be expanded to support even more security features.

» 8 freely programmable integrated relays
» 8 relay modules for connecting up to 128 additional relays (optional)
» Up to 16 display modules with 4 relays each (optional)

The DIN rail mounted relay modules GMA200-RT and GMA200-RTD with graphic display offer 16 relay contacts each with floating change-over contacts. A wall mounted display module can be added to the GMA400 for an additional decentralized display and four further relays.

Color display for systematic overview

Numerous detailed stats for organized operation

Measured values, alarms and special states of the connected transmitters can be viewed at a glance on the high-resolution 2.4-inch color display. The GMA400 offers various different display modes to quickly and conveniently gather detailed information on individual transmitters or the status of all measuring points. Five intuitive buttons, located right next to the display, are used for easy menu navigation and alarm acknowledgement.

Each measuring point can be viewed in detail: The current measured value, gas type and unit, maximum and minimum values as well short-term and long-term limit values are all displayed. There are also various group or zone views and a complete overview of all up to 128 transmitters plus 32 virtual transmitters that can be programmed for the evaluation of specific parameters.

GMA400 Display

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Approvals, certifications and functional safety

The GMA400 has a gas measurement suitability for garages and tunnels (DIN EN 50545-1) and complies with the garage regulation of Switzerland (SWKI VA103-01). The hardware complies with the European Functional Safety Standard (DIN EN 61508-2: 2011). It offers extended SIL capability (up to SIL 2) and can be parameterized up to SIL 3 in redundant operation.

3D view

Experience the GMA400 from any angle

Hold down the left mouse button and move your cursor to rotate the view. Use the mouse wheel to zoom in and out.

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Extensions and accessories



Relay module for extension of the GMA200 series and the GMA22
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Relay module with display for extension of GfG controllers
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Relay module for wall mounting to expand the GfG controllers
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TFT display in wall-mounted housing for central visualization of measured values and alarms
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GMA200 Visual


Visualisation software for GMA200 controller series
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Accessories GMA400-MT

GMA400-MT accessories

Complete list of accessories for the GMA400-MT
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