RAM 4021

Continuous Carbon monoxide (CO) monitor for compressed air
Robust, easy to operate design
Integrated dew point measurement (if specified)
Meets OSHA monitoring requirements for grade D breathing air
AutoCal® automatic calibration
Available in CE or CSA marked models
Dryer control relays (DPX model only)
User-adjustable alarm points
Dry contacts for remote horn and lights
Internal, case-mounted horn
LCD display
NEMA 4X housing
Three-stage filtering option for up to 8 users

Product Description

The RAM 4021 AutoCal® series is the unit of choice where specific and accurate measurement of carbon monoxide, oxygen or dew-point levels are required. Designed to meet OSHA requirements for monitoring of Grade D respirable air, this unit is equipped with a reliable electrochemical sensor that accurately indicates the level of carbon monoxide on an illuminated liquid crystal display. Adding versatility, this unit offers optional oxygen or dew point sensors for applications where detection or measurement is needed.

Calibration and maintenance of the RAM 4021 are simple with our innovative AutoCal® system. Additional features including alarm relay contacts, user adjustable alarm point, low flow alarm indicator and many more make this unit an intelligent choice. The RAM 4021 is available in five models, the 4021 (CO), the 4021-C (CO) CSA Approved, 4021-1 (CO and O2), 4021-DPX (CO and dew point levels) and 4021-PR (CO and additional relay to signal power loss to monitor, complies with newest NFPA regulation). All models may be purchased with or without airline filter systems.

There are also wall mounted filter panel options: 8025 (25 CFM), 8050 (50 CFM), and 8100 (100 CFM). The 25, 50 and 100 CFM panels filter out dangerous toxins from supplied air sources and ensure clean, breathable air. The three-stage filter system efficiently removes particulates, oil vapors and hydrocarbons from an air supply. After filtration, the regulator sets the pressure for the respiratory equipment and the manifold assembly provides multiple outlets for airline hose quick connections.

CO, O2, dew point




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