RAM 744-XP Remote Respiratory Air Monitor

Continuous in-line CO monitor
Low pressure alarm
Rugged and watertight design
Loud audible alarm
5 or 10 ppm alarm, as specified
200 hour run-time (no alarms)
40 hour run-tim (in alarm)
Optional power pack

Product Description

The RAM 744-XP remote compressed air monitor is a rugged and compact monitor for the detection of CO in compressed breathing air. With the standard high pressure (120 psi) fitting on the inlet, it is easy to connect to virtually any air filtration system. It is the ideal monitor for portable applications where space is limited or where the environment is harsh.

The RAM 744-XP has a rugged and watertight design and marine style 110 VAC connector making it your best choice for inhospitable environments. It has an impressive 1,000 hour run-time (no alarms) or 200 hour run-time (in alarm) when fully charged.

The RAM 744-XP has a loud audible alarm and a low pressure alarm. The alarm level can be set at 10 ppm, by default, or 5 ppm, if specified.

Any GfG Instrumentation RAM instrument can be custom-configured to meet the needs of the end user’s exact specifications. Contact GfG today and breathe with confidence.


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