25 CFM CO and O2 monitor
Low pressure alarm
Rugged design
Loud audible and bright visual alarms
Adjustable alarm settings
24 hour run-time (no alarms)
3 stage filtration with Autodrain
DC operation with rechargeable battery
2-hour charge time
Dependable long life electrochemical sensors

Product Description

One of GfG’s latest products is the 9025-XPS fully portable compressed air monitoring system. The 9025-XP is the unit of choice where specific and accurate measurement of carbon monoxide and oxygen levels are required. Designed to meet OSHA requirements for monitoring of Grade D respirable air, this unit is equipped with reliable electrochemical sensors that accurately indicate the level of carbon monoxide and O2 on a liquid crystal display.

The 25 CFM three-stage filter system efficiently removes particulates, oil vapors and hydrocarbons from an air supply. After filtration, the regulator sets the pressure for the respiratory equipment and the manifold assembly provides two outlets for airline hose quick connections.

The 9025-XPS has adjustable alarm settings, 24 hour run-time (no alarms), DC operation with rechargeable battery and dependable long life electrochemical sensors.


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