25 Series

Complete controller package available in single channel or 1-4 channel configurations
Compact design
Intuitive push button operation
4-20 mA input standard (factory configurable to 0.2-1 mA)
3 user-adjustable alarm hysteresis
Rugged metal housing
Easy installation
4 relays (3 alarm and 1 fault)
Factory configured alarm functions include:Latching/non-latching
Time delay
Rapid rise alarm for combustible setups
Local display, horn and strobe
4-20 mA output (2210-001 and 2210-00110 only)

The 25 Series Control Panel from GfG’s Engineered Fixed Systems is available in a single channel or a one to four channel version. The 25 series control panel may be connected to any available GfG transmitter for detection of oxygen (O2), combustible gases (LEL) or any transmitter from a wide range of toxic gases. The 25 Series has a compact design, push button operation, easy installation and a rugged metal housing.

There are three user-adjustable alarm hysteresis, four relays and the factory configured alarm functions include latching/non-latching, resettable/non-resettable, time delay and rapid rise alarm for combustible setups. Each alarm can be adjusted separately and the alarm values can be freely adjusted within the detection range.

The controller provides four voltage-free relays for the three alarms and one fault warning.  The relays may be used to control additional alarm devices like lights or horns.


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