Data interface for the single-gas detector Micro IV

With the DI220 readout device, the data memory of the personal gas detector Micro IV can be read out and the data transferred to a PC via USB.

The space-saving DI220 data interface accommodates a Micro IV gas detector. The meter's data memory is read out via the infrared interface and records up to 200 events such as alarm limit values as well as short- and long-term values including gas concentration and time.

Equipment and accessories
Connection to a computer is via the USB interface, as is the power supply. The software for reading out and configuring the unit on a PC is supplied on CD.


Key features at a glance:

  • Suitable for the portable gas detector Micro IV
  • Device configuration and readout of the data memory
  • Connection to PC via USB interface



DI220 setup:

   » Software (ZIP)

USB drivers:

   » Instructions (PDF)

   » Software (ZIP)


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