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The one sentence that no one responsible for the safety of a colleague or a team ever wants to say is „I just lost sight of them for a moment“.

TeamLink G999L – The smart way to ensure Connected Safety

The one sentence that no one responsible for the safety of a colleague or a team ever wants to say is "I just lost sight of them for a moment". With caution and technology, risks can be minimized, but accidents do still happen. In these cases, swift and targeted help is all that counts.

TeamLink G999L – your Connected Safety solution
Lone work is defined as "work carried out by one person alone, in isolation from other workers without close or direct supervision, even if only for a short time". If a scenario like this cannot be avoided, employers must take appropriate monitoring measures. The Connected Safety Monitor TeamLink G999L wirelessly links the gas detection devices of up to 10 team members into a safety network providing important information in real time in case of an alarm.


  • Query the measured values of up to 10 connected gas detection devices in real time
  • Continuously monitoring radio connections 
  • Keeping team leaders informed with visual and audible alarms, including information on affected team members and gas concentrations
  • "Man-down" alarm and "panic" alarm
  • LED panel for a quick overview
  • Continuous information about hazardous situations on site which allows rescue staff to be prepared and protect themselves more efficiently.
  • Open field range of up to 700 m (Europe) / 300 m (USA)
  • Ex approved for I M2 / II 2G

The TeamLink is compatible with both the all devices of the Microtector G888 and Polytector G999 series which have been equipped with an appropriate radio module.

The natural next step for occupational safety in the field of gases: Connected Safety
The primary purpose of portable gas detection devices is to warn their wearer and people in the immediate vicinity of dangerous gas concentrations. However, this alone is not enough. Information about an alarm and its cause must be available to the supervisor, i.e. the team leader, or the partner of the victim person in a buddy system. This is the only way to alert other team members in case of an emergency and to initiate safety measures without rescuers putting themselves at risk or losing too much time with self-protection against unknown dangers.

Know what is happening on site
When every second counts, rescuers have to be able to evaluate a situation at a glance. In the event of an alarm, the TeamLink shows unambiguously whether there is a dangerous situation caused by gas (alarm thresholds 1 to 3), the person on site is actively requesting help (Panic Alarm) or there is a medical emergency (Man-down Alarm).

Be aware when additional measures have to be taken
The TeamLink not only alerts the user to acute dangers, but also indicates when a gas detector can no longer be reached. The LED panel turning yellow is a signal for the supervisor to take action. It may be enough for a worker to change their position to restore the connection, but additional measures, such as a buddy system, may become necessary if local conditions do not allow for remote monitoring.

Exploring without endangering peoples life
Portable gas detectors and the TeamLink is also a perfect combination for checking gas concentrations from a safe distance and detecting hazards in time. It allows you to use, for example, remote-controlled reconnaissance vehicles to minimize potential risks for employees or rescue teams.

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