EC28 Transmitter

For Toxic Gases, O2 and H2 in Ex Zones

Whenever toxic gases, oxygen or hydrogen need to be monitored, the EC28 transmitter combined with one of GfG‘s reliable controllers is a perfect, cost-effective solution. This ATEX-certified transmitter guarantees safe use, even in potentially explosive atmospheres.

Functional Safety
The EC28's hardware complies with the European Functional Safety Standard DIN EN 61508-2: 2011 for many gases. The SI levels (up to SIL3) in single channel (1oo1) or redundant (1oo2) use depend on the gas type and the sensor.

Communication and Service
The EC28's communication works on a 4-20 mA signal basis. Smart Sensor technology allows for quick and easy sensor replacements and the RC2 remote control can be used to make adjustments (one-person calibration).

RC2 remote control (optional)
Gases like ammonia and hydrogen are lighter than air. Transmitters to detect them are therefore installed near the ceiling. To facilitate service and maintenance work, they can be equipped with a permanently installed cable which can be connected to an RC2 remote control. This lets you access the transmitter from ground-level at all times, making inspection, calibration or maintenance work significantly easier.

Reliable Measurement & Minimal Operating Costs
The sensor and built-in temperature compensation guarantee high measuring accuracy. The long sensor service life and low maintenance requirements ensure minimal operating costs.

Detectable gases

AsH3 Arsine
B2H6 Diborane
Br2 Bromine gas
C2H4O Ethylene oxide
Cl2 Chlorine
ClO2 Chlorine dioxide
CO Carbon monoxide
COCl2 Phosgene
H2 Hydrogen
H2S Hydrogen sulphide
HCl Hydrogen chloride
HCN Hydrogen cyanide
HF Hydrogen fluoride
NH3 Ammonia
NO Nitrogen monoxide
NO2 Nitrogen dioxide
O2 Oxygen
O3 Ozon
PH3 Phosphine
SiH4 Silane
SO2 Sulfur dioxide
Other gases on request.


Extensions and accessories

Test gases

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Accessories EC28

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