Uninterruptible power supply for the controllers of the GMA200 series

Gas detection systems ensure safety in industrial plants and public buildings by reliably detecting gases at an early stage and alerting people in the vicinity of too high or low concentrations. Only continuous monitoring of gases increases the protection of people, plants and the environment. The GMA200-UPS ("Uninterruptible Power Supply") ensures safe operation of the gas detection system even if the power supply is briefly disrupted or fails.

A controller like our reliable GMA200 is the heart of any gas detection system. It centrally evaluates the measured values of the connected transmitters and usually also supplies them with voltage. A disturbance in the power supply of the controller consequently results in a complete failure of the gas monitoring system. Even with the shortest interruptions, the start-up times of the affected devices mean that hazards caused by gases cannot be checked for a certain period of time.

Control and minimize risks
The GMA200-UPS prevents gas detection system failure by supplying power to the GMA200 as soon as the usual power supply is interrupted, even if only for a brief moment. As a result, the monitored areas are never unsecured. With the GMA200-UPS, no critical gas concentration goes undetected even if there is a fault in the power supply network that powers the gas detection system, including the transmitters and alarm devices.

Equipment and versions
The GMA200-UPS is installed in a wall-mounted GMA200-MW16 housing (dimensions: 270 x 290 x 98 mm | W x H x D). Automatic charging of the integrated lead-acid batteries for the emergency power supply is provided by an integrated 24 V DC power supply unit with 50 Watt output. The uninterruptible power supply is offered in two versions that can bridge a power failure for either one or three hours (each at a maximum of 1.8 A).


Key features at a glance:

  • Suitable for GMA200 series controllers
  • Secures the power supply of gas detection systems in case of malfunction or power failure
  • Different versions: 3.4 Ah for 1 hour or 5.4 Ah for 3 hours bridging time (each at max. 1.8 A)
  • Built-in in GMA200-MW16 housing for wall-mounting (incl. 24 V DC power supply)
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