Visualization software for GMA200 controller series

All our controllers of the GMA200 series are equipped with a 2.2 inch display. It shows the current measured values of all connected transmitters, as well as fault messages, alarms and the menu. The GMA200-VS visualization software will give you a clear overview of all measuring points and status indication in one place. It can be used on a PC or a TFT screen.

The GMA200-VS software provides an excellent overview of all measuring points. All connected controllers and transmitters are displayed in a well-arranged fashion. The clear color scheme makes it possible to quickly assess the situation at any time: 

  • Green: Regular operation (no alarm and no malfunction).
  • Yellow: Special status (e.g. maintenance or malfunction)
  • Orange: Alarm 1 (pre-alarm)
  • Red: Alarm 2 or 3 (main alarm)

All measured values and alarms at a glance
Within the user interface, it is possible to switch between a general overview of all controllers and a detailed individual view. The GMA200 VS does not only display the designation of the rooms, controllers and transmitters, but also the currently measured gas concentration, the gas type, the measuring range and the configured alarm thresholds. Alarms can be acknowledged via the reset function.

Central and safe
In combination with the touch-screen monitors of the GMA200 TFT series (available in 8, 15 and 21.5 inch versions) the visualization software GMA200-VS displays all important information clearly, centrally and in a safe place. The visualization software is included with every purchase of one of our TFT screens. The screens are available in wall-mounted housings with their own power supply (8") or for control cabinet installation (8", 15" and 21.5").


Key features at a glance:

  • Suitable for the gas measuring computers of the GMA200 series
  • Clear presentation of measured values and events on displays or PCs
  • Centralized gas monitoring
  • Also available in a bundle with GMA200 TFT displays
  • Operating system: Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10
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