Docking station for function tests of portable gas detection devices

With the DS400 and DS404 docking stations, function tests and adjustments of portable gas detection devices can be carried out automatically, quickly and easily. They have been specifically developed for Microtector II (G450 and G460), Microtector III G888, Polytector III G999 and Micro 5 G222E devices. The charging function ensures that the gas detection devices are ready for use when they are needed. The DS400 can be used to insert one test gas, while the DS404 features the same technology but provides inputs for up to four test gases. Gas detection devices must be tested every working day to ensure workplace safety.

A function test ("bump test") must be carried out before each use of a portable gas detection device. If the test detects any discrepancies, the device needs to be calibrated to ensure safe operation. To make these necessary procedures as simple and time-saving as possible while still complying with the DGUV information 213-056 (T021) and 213-057 (T023), we have developed the DS400 and DS404 docking stations for our G450, G460, G888, G999 and G222E portable devices. They can be operated via the display and the keys of the inserted measuring device.

Function test and adjustment
After a switched-on gas detection device is placed into the docking station, you can select either the bump test or adjustment options. The bump test automatically checks if the alarms and response times, the time settings and test interval, and (optionally) the SD card storage of data are working as intended. This will take a maximum of 60 seconds. Before the adjustment, the zero point of the sensors is set using fresh air supply. The sensors' sensitivity is then readjusted with test gas. Depending on the device and the number of sensors, this process takes a maximum of four minutes. After each test and adjustment, the device will give you feedback about the test's success or possible errors.

Charging function
If a rechargeable gas detection device is placed inside the docking station while switched off, it will automatically start charging. Once it is fully charged, the docking station will switch to trickle charge mode to conserve the battery. The docking station is supplied with power by a 12-volt power supply unit.

Equipment and accessories
The DS400 and DS404 docking stations come with an integrated pump to draw in test gas. A gas extraction fitting (optional) should be used for the test gas feed with a gas cylinder. The DS400 has one input for test gas (single gases or gas mixtures), while the DS404 has four. Both docking stations also provide two additional ports for zero gas or fresh air and exhaust gas. The RS-485 ports can be used to connect several docking stations in series or connect them to a computer for data transfer. The data is then documented on an SD card.


Key features at a glance:

  • Meets the requirements of DGUV information 213-056 (T021) and 213-057 (T023) as well as DIN EN 60079-29-2
  • Suitable for the portable gas detection devices G450, G460, G888, G999 and G222E
  • Function test, adjustment and charging function (only for gas detectors with rechargeable batteries)
  • With one (DS400) or four test gas inputs (DS404)
  • Data storage on SD card, data transfer to PC
  • Two RS-485 interfaces for PC connection and series connection
  • Optional: CO2 absorption filter, gas sampling fitting, 12-volt power supply, SD card, database software


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