Polytector III G999S

The Polytector III G999S features a slot for specialized combination sensors (CC/TC1 or CC/TC/SC2) for monitoring methane in different measuring ranges. It can be used in a variety of areas, including natural gas pipelines, sewers and storage basins. This sensor combination allows you to measure not only in the common measuring range of 0 to 100 % LEL (0 to 4.4 vol %), but also in 0 to 10,000 ppm or 0-100 vol % ranges. The G999S also offers four further sensor slots for up to three electrochemical sensors for toxic gases, oxygen and hydrogen as well as an infrared sensor for COand combustible gases (LEL). The powerful integrated pump will reliably detect even the smallest of leaks and monitor gas concentrations in inaccessible areas or hard-to-reach places using either the suction hose or the telescopic rod. You can send measured values, alarms and statuses to the TeamLink via the optional radio module.

1 Measuring principles Catalytic combustion (CC) and thermal conductivity (TC)
2 Measuring principles Catalytic combustion (CC), thermal conductivity (TC) and semiconductor (SC)

The Polytector III G999S portable gas detector was designed for personal protection against up to 8 gases simultaneously while also being able to analyze confined spaces and detect leakages. The unique sensor configuration with combined CC/TC or CC/TC/SC sensors for measuring methane in both the lowest and highest concentrations make the G999S ideal for sampling natural gas pipelines, biogas plants and any other application with potential methane dangers. The measuring range of the CC/TC or CC/TC/SC sensor can easily be changed at the push of a button. In leak detection mode, an acoustic signal will reliably help you find even the tiniest methane leaks. 


Safety and controls

The Polytector III G999S is certified for safe use in Ex zone 1 and protected against the ingress of water and dust according to protection class IP67. This makes the multi-gas detector suitable even for harsh areas of application. The sturdy housing made from rubberized polycarbonate offers excellent protection from shocks and vibration. Its handy design and the resilient crocodile clip ensure high comfort when wearing the device. It is controlled with just three buttons and features a color-backlit display which can be rotated by 180 degrees if necessary. For situations with less than ideal lighting conditions, the G999S is equipped with an Ex proof flashlight.


Alarms, battery capacity and pump performance 

When a threshold value is exceeded, the G999S will warn its wearer in three different ways: using a very visible light signal, strong vibrations and a loud (103 db(A)) buzzer. The integrated NiMH battery guarantees ten hours of use after each charge, even in high-stress applications (maximum number of sensors equipped, pump operating and radio connection). The pump for analyzing confined spaces will transport approximately 0.6 liters per minute on distances of up to 100 meters.

Connected Safety
When equipped with an optional radio module, up to 10 portable gas detection devices of the G999 series can be connected to the Connected Safety Monitor TeamLink. The supervisor thus always has an overview of the local readings and the status of each team member. In the event of a gas or man-down alarm, the supervisor can initiate help quickly and systematically. The G888/G999 Visual software also makes it possible to monitor more than 10 portable gas devices on a laptop or tablet, send short messages or train for emergencys with simulated gas alarms.

The DS400/404 docking station can be used to charge, calibrate and adjust the gas detectors of the G999 series. To better distinguish gas detection devices for different applications, they can be marked with diffusion covers in five signal colors. Clearance measurement is made easier with various suction tubes and floating probes. A complete overview of all accessories and extensions offered for the G999 series can be found at the bottom of this page.

Model variants
There are four other models available in the G999 series: the G999C, G999P, G999E and G999M. All of these detectors offer slots for 3 electrochemical and an optional (combination) infrared sensor. Depending on the model variant, G999s also come with a catalytic sensor (G999C & G999M), a PID sensor (G999P), a fourth electrochemical sensor sensor (G999E) or a CC/TC or CC/TC/SC sensor (G999S). This allows you to set up a variety of combinations of up to eight gases or measuring ranges for simultaneous monitoring. The G999M, which was developed specifically for the mining sector, is not only approved for use in Ex zone 0 but also received the M1 label for safe use underground. If you require a multi-gas detector without an integrated pump, the handy Microtector G888 is a great choice. It comes in two different versions: the G888C for use in Ex zone 1 and the G888M, which can be used in Ex zone 0 and is approved for mining applications. Both models feature slots for up to 5 sensors (3x EC, 1x CC, 1x IR).



In a nutshell

Start-up and self-test

Status messages during start-up

Useful functions

Man-down alarm

Zoom display and PEAK function

Daily bump test

Extensions and accessoires

TeamLink G999L

Connected Safety Monitor for monitoring by radio
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Docking station for function tests of portable gas detection devices
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TS/TX 888/999

Test station for function tests and adjustment with optional charging function
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DIC 888/999

Charging station for portable gas detection devices and the TeamLink
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G888/999 Visual

Software for securing individual workstations and large teams
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Test gases

Find an overview of our test gases here:
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Accessories G999

Here you'll find the complete list of accessories for the G999
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