Micro IV Pump

Attachable pump for the Micro IV gas detector

Confined spaces have to be analyzed before entering. This is the only way to avoid unknown, dangerous gas concentrations. This battery-powered plug-on pump for the Micro IV 1-gas detection device was developed specifically for this task.

The pump can be used to check gas concentrations before entering a shaft, duct or tank, and continuously monitor the area thereafter. Dangers from toxic or combustible gases as well as from oxygen deficiency can thus be surveilled from a safe distance. 

Easy handling
The pump is simply attached to the Micro IV. This allows the handy gas detection device to be used for remote monitoring when clearing confined spaces before entering them. The high-performance pump draws in gas samples without exposing anyone to the potentially dangerous atmosphere. A visual alarm is triggered If the flow rate falls below the minimum rate or the battery is low.

Equipment and accessories
The flow rate of the attachable pump for the Micro IV is up to 0.5 l/m. It is powered by two batteries (type AA) so as not to rely on the gas detection device for power. A green LED indicates the operating status. Its operating time of up to eight hours in continuous operation allows for permanent clearance even during longer jobs. Like the Micro IV, the pump is approved for Ex Zone 1. Accessories include a telescopic suction tube, special test hoses and a floating probe.


Key features at a glance:

  • Suitable for the Micro IV portable gas detection device
  • Clearance measurement of confined spaces
  • Up to eight hours of continuous operation
  • Independent power supply via two alkaline batteries
  • ATEX certification: II 2G Ex ia IIC T4 / T3 Gb (when using approved batteries)
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