Canal construction

The sewerage system for the supply of fresh water and the disposal of wastewater is a prerequisite for the development of residential, commercial and industrial areas. Rehabilitation and maintenance are important parts of sewer construction and pose major health risks for employees in confined spaces due to toxic and flammable gases. With GfG's portable meters and accessories for clearance measurement, entering the sewer manhole does not become a danger.

Gas monitoring in the sewer system

The work of sewer builders by no means ends with the completion of a sewer section. Now the intervals for inspections begin and maintenance and repair work is due. Every time one or more employees have to enter a sewer, putrid gases pose a variety of gas dangers, ranging from methane to carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulphide to oxygen deficiency. Before entering the manhole, there is the reconnaissance. The Polytector III G999 has an integrated pump for safe confined space gas monitoring. It is necessary to carry multi-gas detectors in the sewer in order to be informed about critical gas concentrations at all times. With the Microtector III G888, GfG offers a compact 7-gas detection device for use in confined spaces. With the portable Connected Safety-Monitor TeamLink, the supervising person can remotely secure the employees in the duct even without visual contact and view the local measured values in real time.

Potential dangers:

» combustible and toxic gases
» confined spaces
» carbon dioxide
» oxygen deficiency

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